Bug Bounty Hunter Review


Bug Bounty Hunter is a platform which provides real world web application challenges base on real bug bounty findings.


On the evening of June 3, 2021, I was exchanging my BTC about to buy the subscription of bugbountyhunter.com.Unfortunately my money was not enough to buy it because I was exchanged for the fixed price. I need to exchange more but it takes almost an hour. I know that bugbountyhunter.com only open their membership for short time. So, I dm to Zseano who is the founder of bugbountyhunter.com to open a subscription for a couple of days. He told me that it won’t ever close and also said today is my lucky day. Yes, he definitely made my day. I really thank z for giving me this opportunity to join the awesome platform.


This is not the first lab that I bought. I bought pentester academy in the past as well and also bought pentesterlab in the same month with bug bounty hunter. Couple to the other, it is just different. It will make you feel like you’re hunting on the real target. If you found a bug, you need to write the report with detailed observation of the bug and mitigation as well.


The one thing that I like about bugbountyhunter.com is that they have a virtual live hacking event where you can earn some bounties for your findings if you are level 2. You actually got paid for what you’ve done. That is a really good thing.


You can read all the reports of the past virtual live hacking event which is first blood even if you’re not a member of bug bounty hunter. There are a ton of free challenges and material that you can learn on bug bounty hunter for free.

FirstBlood Disclosed Reports : https://www.bugbountyhunter.com/hackevents/firstblood

Hackerone Disclosed Reports: https://www.bugbountyhunter.com/disclosed/

Zseano’s methodology: https://www.bugbountyhunter.com/methodology/zseanos-methodology.pdf


The bug bounty hunter is a starting point for anyone who wants to learn bug bounty through hands-on web application challenges and writing the report. It covers everything you need as a beginner bug bounty hunter from finding bugs to writing a good report. If you are looking to get started with bug bounty or want to be a better security researcher then sign up for the membership of https://www.bugbountyhunter.com, as this is fantastic value for what you will learn throughout and it will pay for itself when you find that first bug on the virtual live hacking event of the bug bounty hunter. or other platforms. Zseano is a great guy in the community and he gave his book for free as well. Support his work by signing up for a membership on bug bounty hunter for being a great guy in the community.

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